With so many options available for hard drive recovery services, it’s no wonder many people get overwhelmed when trying to pick the best company to take their drive to. Some people try to recover lost data on their own, only to end up causing more damage than they started with. The number one way to recover any lost information is by taking your hard drive to a good data recovery company.

Avoid Getting Scammed

There are many professional hard drive recovery services that do amazing jobs but there are also some companies that overcharge you or outsource the work to someone unqualified to do it, which could lead to more damage to your hard drive. The best way to avoid being scammed by a bad data recovery company is by knowing what you should be looking for in a good recovery company.

What All Recovery Services Have in Common


There may not be a 100% foolproof method to avoiding bad data recovery companies but here are some things that all the best data recovery services have in common.

  • Exceptional Customer Service. A good data recovery service offers customer support while recovering your data and long after the job has been finished. Some even offer 24-hour customer support and send their technicians to you instead of you having to take your computer to them.
  • A great following. The easiest way to tell how good a recovery company is, is by looking at what other people are saying about it. The best data recovery services have tons of reviews praising the services they provide.
  • In-house professionals. Never go to a recovery service that outsources their services. You will not be able to determine if they are certified to be handling your hard drive and that your information is secure while it is being recovered.
  • Any data recovery company you choose should have a certified Class 100 clean room. This will make sure that no additional damage is done to your hard drive by eliminating any dust particles that could get into your drive.

Data recovery isn’t cheap and you should never expect to have a good job done if you are only interested in spending the lowest amount you can. If you go to a recovery company just because they have lower rates than their competition you run the risk of having more damage being done to your hard drive. Even potentially never being able to recover your data. If your data is important enough for you to really need to get it back, then choose the best data recovery service possible and you will be able to relax knowing your hard drive is in good hands.