For more work, you have to work out on more data. However, the information and data collected is never ending. You need one or more data every other minute. Hence, you have to save each of them for the present and future use. In the techno-world, we call the allocation of data in the storage media. The storage media are the devices that store any amount of data depending on space allocated. The devices such as the thumb drives, camera storage media or the hard drives, may be external or internal store the user information and all other useful applications.

Sometimes when you log in to your system you get a message like “inaccessible storage media”. This usually occurs when you download a file and try to open it. What does this mean and why does this happen? This clearly indicates that the hard drive, to which the downloaded file was stored, has become damaged and hence your data is lost or deleted. Well, it is a serious issue.

And why exactly this happens?

The inaccessible storage media can be the result of any one of the actions:

  • The files and folders can be lost if the hard drive gets an unexpected formatting.
  • You may have deleted the data out of the blue.
  • There may be a virus attack due to access of unauthorized applications leaving you behind corrupt and damaged files.
  • A bad sector might have generated in the system followed by the message displaying inaccessible storage media.

A big problem

 Well, indeed you must give a blow at it. To avoid such issue, you have to take certain steps such as:

  • Install your computer system with total security anti-virus packages. These packages possess the potential to kill maximum viruses and keep your system safe and protected.
  • Try to keep your system away from corrupted files. Whenever you use an external source for data transfer make sure, you scan the device properly.
  • Never get your system to shut down improperly or forcefully.
  • Always have a backup for your valuable data.

In spite of this, if the inaccessible storage media persists then you will have to give a total format to your drive. This may result in loss of data. But if you have a backup then you need not have to worry about it. Formatting of the drive acts as a restart option and gives you a new and improved file system and operating system. Once formatted, you can copy the required files and data from the backup and restore them in the original folder. Now you will be able to access them.

Taking small preventive measures can release you from big issues. To get a message like this is quite common. But you can make it uncommon and avoid the same if you are alert from the beginning. Take proper care of your system and keep it updated with antivirus software. Believe it, you never want to see such a message on your computer screen while at work.